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Tehran Is the New Turin: Iranian Designers Display Delicious Automotive Concepts Photo:
fdtr_audi_01.jpg Photo: tmr
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Tony O'Kane | May, 01 2009 | 1 Comment

Iran isn't normally considered to be a hotbed of design talent, but judging by these concept sketches and renderings by some of the country's young designers, the Middle-Eastern nation boasts some exceptionally creative minds.

Displayed as part of the "From Dream To Reality" exhibition in Tehran, these concept renderings are the product of students graduating from Industrial and Transportation Design. Most of the concepts aren't the usual flights-of-fancy that design students typically favour, but instead appear to be sympathetic with real-world constraints and requirements.

From Dream To Reality Iranian design exhibition

A lot of the designs also depict vehicles we'd love to actually see on the roads. The "Audi D7"? Brilliant. The "Jaguar CXJ" (above)? The ultimate businessman's sled.

Hit up the gallery to ogle some more concepts that'll (rather unfortunately) never ever make the transition to real-life car. If that's not enough and you crave even more concept car goodness, check out car body design's more extensive gallery here.

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