Tata Pr1ma Concept Debuts At Delhi Auto Expo Photo:
Mike Stevens | Jan, 08 2010 | 2 Comments

NO CLOSER TO a production reality, Tata has brought last year's Pininfarina-designed Pr1ma concept (Italian for "first") to this week's Delhi Auto Expo.

While the name might remind Australian readers of the juice boxes mum packed with the school lunch, Tata says the Pr1ma addresses a higher segment, bringing a new level of distinction and elegance to the leading Indian brand.


Although the Pr1ma is not scheduled for production, Tata says consumers can expect to see elements of its styling in future models as the brand moves to establish itself in more upmarket segments.

The four-door Pr1ma is based on the existing Tata Indigo platform, its wheelbase stretched to 2700mm.

Neither Tata nor the Pr1ma's Italian designer Pininfarina have revealed further details on the stylish sedan and, given its style-oriented concept-only status, there is likely little more to know.


As part of its plan to break into international markets, Tata recently revealed a European-market version of its entry-level Nano supermini, dubbed Nano Europa.

Company founder Ratan Tata said the company is re-evaluating its initial decision to focus on the Indian and European market, with the economic crash giving hope for a low-priced car in the US market.

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