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Mike Stevens | Feb, 04 2009 | 0 Comments

The good times keep rolling for Suzuki. With an increased market share and a narrowly missed record January, Suzuki’s year is off to a flying start.

The Japanese carmaker sold 1596 vehicles in January, falling a mere 99 units short of its record January 2008 figure. Despite the near miss and the 5.9 percent decrease, Suzuki is happy – it has performed well against a total market that was down 18 percent for January, and Suzuki increased its market shared by almost half a percentage point, from 2.0 to 2.4 percent.

The Swift and Grand Vitara models lead the way for the company, in the face of a dramatic overall decline in both the light car and SUV segments.


Swift sales were up seven percent, while the light car segment was down nearly 10 percent. Grand Vitara rose by one percent, against a 23 percent decrease in the compact SUV market.

Suzuki performed strongly in almost every state, with only Victoria seeing a decrease. Suzuki sales were up in Western Australia, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania, while ACT Suzuki dealers recorded a 157 per cent increase over the 2008 figure.

State Suzuki result State total result
ACT +157 % -17 %
NSW +15 % -18 %
Qld -38 % -20 %
SA/NT +28 % -18 %
Vic -13 % -17 %
Tas +88 % -17 %
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