Survey Says Majority Of Americans Oppose Further Financial Aid For GM And Chrysler Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Mar, 25 2009 | 2 Comments

Details of a survey released by polling group R.L. Polk has revealed that 61 percent of Americans would object to the US Government offering further financial aid to floundering carmakers GM and Chrysler.

The number against might have been higher if not for the states in the Great Lakes region of the US being so closely tied to the fortunes of the auto industry.

Some 16 percent of respondents in the region said they “strongly agreed” with the provision of further government aid, while only four percent of the residents of New England – far removed from the auto industry states – offered the same response.

wagoner-nardelli Above: GM and Chrysler CEOs Rick Wagoner (left) and Bob Nardelli

Polk analyst Lonnie Miller said that the results show that most American citizens agree “it’s a problem, but it’s not a problem for tax-payers [to pay for].”

The sentiment of the public isn’t lost on US President Barack Obama, who told 60 Minutes (the US version) this weekend that “the only thing less popular than putting money into banks is putting money into the auto industry".

The survey news follows a recent interview with US Treasury auto adviser Steve Rattner, who described GM’s and Chrysler’s turnaround plans as “optimistic” and “somewhat ambitious,” saying that both companies may need “considerably” larger loans to stay afloat.

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