Subaru to unveil WRC concept at Frankfurt Motor Show Photo:

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Steane Klose | Aug, 10 2007 | 0 Comments

Subaru have just announced that they will be unveiling some new models at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. We’ll skip over the boring stuff (Euro spec Impreza and facelifted Tribeca) and shoot straight for the mean and ugly.

Although, in this case, the injection of a good dose of “meanness” has turned the ugly Impreza into one very sharp looking WRC car. Subaru are referring to the car in the pictures as a Concept that “conjures up images of future styling trends for a world rally car.” We hope there is more than a hint of the upcoming STi in the WRC concept.


Subaru will be taking the covers off the world’s only asthetically pleasing version of the current model Impreza next month at Frankfurt. Will it be enough for enthusiasts to take the new WRX more seriously or will the mild amusement continue?

We think Subaru have buggered the WRX rather nicely and expect it will take more than a WRC Concept, however well executed, to change the dismay being felt by AWD turbo fans around the world.


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