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Steane Klose | Aug, 07 2007 | 0 Comments

Spyker cars has recently announced that it has appointed P1, The Supercar Club as its official road car representative in Australia. Spyker is a Dutch performance road car manufacturer as well as a Formula One constructor. To say that their road cars are unusual is a gross understatement but that doesn’t mean they are not good…just odd looking.

P1 will be importing the convertible Spyker C8 Spyder and hard-top C8 Laviolette supercars, as well as the D12 Peking to Paris SUV, possibly the oddest of all the current Spyker models. Imagine saying that you drive a “Peking to Paris”…I’ll just go and get the “Peking to Paris” out of the garage…

P1 was established in Australia in 2006 and provides members with access to an exclusive selection of performance cars for an annual fee, which is generally cheaper than the annual costs associated with the ownership of your own personal supercar and gives you the added benefit of variety. P1’s supercar fleet is now worth in excess of $6 million.


The Spyker C8 models use a mid-mounted 300Kw V8 while the larger all-alluminium SUV D12 Peking to Paris borrows Volkswagen’s W12 6.0-litre engine to haul its long name around town.

Spyker has been involved in the automotive and aeronautical industries for more than a century and only recently turned its hand to building hand-made supercars in 2000. The three Spyker models that will be available in Australia will be on display at the Sydney International Motor Show in October and the cars will be available for delivery following the show.


Source: GoAuto

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