South Australian MP Takes Speeding Ticket To Court, Wants Laser Guns Tested Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Feb, 04 2010 | 4 Comments

Independent MP Bob Such has taken a $300 speeding ticket to court this week, requesting that a speed-detecting laser gun be handed over for independent testing.

Fined for speeding at 69km/h in a 50 zone, the MP is challenging the accuracy of the hand-held laser gun that caught him out. Mr Such said that he felt "duty bound" to challenge the technology on behalf of the driving public.

Mr Such's lawyer, Mick Woods told the court that the laser gun's reading could be interfered with by trees, steel power poles or even planes passing overhead.

Mr Woods added that if the laser of the hand-held speed-detecting gun were to come off the bonnet of the car and hit a tree branch, the responsible officer might be none the wiser.

Mr Such and his lawyer have tried to get access to the laser guns instructions, but have so far been denied. Mr Woods said that independent testing was carried out on laser guns in other states, but not in South Australia.

Speaking for the prosecution, Senior Sergeant Fred Wojtasik said the lasers were "highly sophisticated" equipment, and while that means it should be protected from outside study, error codes would alert users if the laser's reading was obstructed or inconsistent.

The trial has been adjourned until more information on the laser guns' operation can be obtained.

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