Skoda To Bring New Styling, New Logo To Geneva Photo:
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2010_skoda_superb_118tsi_interior_009 Photo: tmr

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Mike Stevens | Feb, 24 2011 | 0 Comments

Skoda has big plans for its future, and it starts with next month's Geneva Motor Show.

The Volkswagen-owned carmaker has confirmed this week that it will unveil a special new concept, along with a new logo that the company says will "usher in a new era" for the Skoda brand.

Skoda is keeping mum on the new concept, except to say that it will reflect the brand's new design language.

"The car boasts clearly defined shapes and a great sense of detail and a new logo which will adorn new Škoda's models from 2012," the Czech brand says.

A new logo will also be unveiled, with "a new spectrum of colours" and a more precise look to the traditional winged-arrow identity. Skoda says the new logo will begin appearing on Skoda vehicles and dealerships over the coming year.

The new logo and concept come as Skoda celebrates its best-ever year in sales, with some 762,000 vehicles delivered in 2010 - an increase of 11.5 percent of 2009. The company plans to double its annual sales by 2018.

In Australia, Skoda sold 110 vehicles in January - 22 more than for the same period in 2010.


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