Sacrilege Or Supremely Awesome? Man Converts S2000 To All-Electric Power Photo:
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Tony O'Kane | Feb, 13 2009 | 5 Comments

Thanks to rising petrol prices and a gaping hole in the automotive market where all-electric passenger vehicles should be found, many enterprising motorists are instead going DIY and converting their own daily drives to EV mode.

One such individual is Brian Blocher, who decided his daily commute was costing him too much in petrol. A Toyota Prius was considered to replace his Honda S2000, however after crunching some numbers Blocher realised the time it would take to recoup the cost of a Prius was simply too long.

So he did the only rational thing and decided to turn his S2000 into an electric car.

AP2 Honda S2000 EV

While Honda fanboys will no doubt cringe at the junking of the S2000's rev-happy F20C inline-four, we certainly admire the guy's conviction. Besides, with electric motors generating peak torque at 0rpm and Blocher retaining the S2000's brilliant six-speed manual gearbox, this Honda should have no trouble keeping up with traffic.

AP2 Honda S2000 EV

For a full technical rundown of the EV S2000 and a step-by-step documentation of the conversion process, head over to Brian Blocher's blog. Kudos, Mr Blocher. Kudos.

[S2KEV, via Jalopnik]

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