Saab Workers Promised Aid By Swedish Govt, Spyker-GM Negotiations Fall Down Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Dec, 27 2009 | 13 Comments

DESPITE A RENEWED OFFER by Dutch supercar maker Spyker, GM is reportedly pushing ahead with plans to shut down Saab.

Meanwhile, the Swedish Government has pledged its support to workers affected, promising retraining for those losing their jobs and financial aid to Saab's home city of Trollhaettan should the company go under.

"We have to start from the decision that GM has taken ... to shut down (Saab)," Swedish Enterprise Minister Maud Olofsson said earlier in the week.

"In that case we want to be prepared and show local and regional authorities and employees there are resources, and they do not have to be worried."

The Swedish Government has allocated 542 million kronor to promoting jobs and growth in Saab's home region, where around 3400 people are directly employed by the manufacturer. Roughly 8000 jobs in total are estimated to rely on Saab's presence in the country.


The details of Spyker's 11th-hour bid for ownership of Saab were not clear, however the Dutch company's Russian backers were rumoured to no longer be behind the proposed deal.

Although Spyker extended the deadline of its new offer indefinitely earlier in the week, it seems the boutique automaker's appeal fell on deaf ears. Swedish newspapers are already reporting that GM has dismissed Spyker's second bid, and that plans to shut down Saab are already being executed.

An official statement on the outcome of the talks between Spyker and GM has yet to be issued by either company, however more news expected to surface next week.

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