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Saab 9-2 Could Get BMW Diesel Power: Report Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Jun, 14 2010 | 1 Comment

Following recent comments by new Saab CEO Victor Muller that his company would need to look at a partnership if its 9-2 small car project is to see the light of day, Reports out of Europe this week suggest that BMW may be keen to get on board.

Muller, head of Saab's new parent company Spyker, revealed last month that Saab is exploring platform- and engine-sharing opportunities in the industry, with discussions already underway with other manufacturers.

"We need to find separate financing, or we have to perform so well, we can do it out of our own means, or find a partner who we can share a platform with who has deeper pockets, so we can share it on their balance sheet, Mr Muller told Motor Trend in an interview with US website Motor Trend.

This week, Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri reported that BMW is among the manufacturers talking with Saab, with reports that the German carmaker could supply powertrains not only for the 9-2, but also the upcoming 9-4X crossover.

Speaking with the paper, a BMW spokesperson would not be moved to confirm the talks.

"We are in talks with several interested parties who have interest in our technology," the BMW spokesperson said. "There are no contracts with Saab at the moment."

Saab spokesperson Eric Geers appeared to backpedal on the topic of a small Saab, despite his boss describing it as a "top priority" weeks ago.

"We are concentrating on the 9-5 and the 9-4X," Eric Geers said. "A smaller Saab below the 9-3 is not in our business plan though it would be on our wish list."

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