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Tony O'Kane | Feb, 14 2009 | 2 Comments

Rumour has it that Honda will debut a hi-po Type R variant of its yet-to-be-launched CR-Z hybrid sportscar sometime next year, while a petrol-only powertrain may also be in the works.

We've no idea what mods would be needed to transform the hybrid CR-Z into an altogether more focused beast, but we're hoping it will involve the typical Type R recipe of low weight + high revs.

Suspension mods should also be a given and we'd like to think Honda's Type R boffins would throw in a few tweaks to the hybrid drive system too. A few extra windings on the motor? Bigger flux capacitor? Like we said, we've got no idea at this stage.

Honda Type R badge

Another distinct possibility is that Honda will bring to market a non-hybrid version of the CR-Z, preferably with the current Civic Type R's stonkin' 165kW K20A inline four under the bonnet.

If customers demand it Honda will reportedly consider building it, however a petrol-only variant would most likely be some years away at the soonest.

The production version of the CR-Z is apparently scheduled to make its global debut at the Tokyo Auto Show in November this year, with Japanese sales following soon after. A release date for the CR-Z Type R hasn't been firmed up, but word on the street is that we'll be hearing more about it at Tokyo. We'll keep our eyes and ears peeled until then.

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