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Mike Stevens | Sep, 21 2009 | 0 Comments

ROLLS-ROYCE BESPOKE, the British luxury arm's customisation division, will offer buyers of the all-new 'entry level' 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost a range of options for personalising the Ghost to their own unique tastes.

Visiting Australia recently, Bespoke Interior Design Manager Gavin Hartley and Sales Manager Thomas Jefferson sat with some 80 Ghost and Phantom buyers in Sydney and Melbourne to introduce new owners to Rolls-Royce Bespoke's offerings.


According to Jefferson, Rolls-Royce Bespoke is not about telling owners what they can and can't have, but rather ensuring that their wildest desires are satisfied in an appropriate fashion.

"Our customers have the means to make the car as perfect for them as possible. Whether it is specifying a gold version of the Spirit of Ecstasy or personalized headrests, they enjoy the commissioning process," Jefferson said.

"They are creative when specifying a motor car like no other. In some markets external differentiation is very important – “yes I’ve bought a Rolls-Royce, but my Rolls-Royce is special.”

"A customer's request could be just a vague notion which we shape into a theme. It’s about attention to detail - taking as much care over the little things as the big things."


With over 44,000 paint colours and effects to choose from, and the right to have a custom colour named in their honour, there is a lot of appeal for a buyer in setting their Rolls apart from their neighbour's.

From custom monograms and insignias to the design and fitment of new seating arrangements and enhanced audio visual equipment, the opportunities to create a unique Rolls are virtually limitless.

Jefferson and Hartley used their Australian visit to show customers examples of Bespoke projects undertaken for Phantom owners, including yacht-style mahogany decking, pink interior trim, floral embellishments and champagne glass cases built into the floor of the boot.

While Bespoke's aim is to bring its customers' dreams to life, each project goes through a testing process to ensure that it meets Rolls Royce's standards and, in the case of dramatic structural additions, road and safety laws.


Although the Middle East, Japan, China and Russia are Rolls-Royce Bespoke's biggest markets, the department sees Australia as a potential growth market, especially with the upcoming launch of the new Ghost next year.

"The feeling of buying something that’s been hand made especially for them with real craftsmanship and engineering integrity is attractive for our customers and a unique selling proposition for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars," Jefferson said.

"It’s a familiar experience for them, having likely commissioned their Architect designed houses, luxury yachts, jet interior, art for the wall, sculpture for the garden, the clothes and jewellery they wear.”

Earlier this month, Rolls-Royce Australia announced that pricing for the Ghost will start from $695,000. Official details for the local model will be revealed in November, ahead of an April 2010 production date.

Rolls Royce in Australia is expecting an allocation of 40 cars, and already around 24 expressions of interest have been taken.

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