Revenge Designs GTR-M Set To Debut In Detroit Photo:
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Steane Klose | Dec, 29 2008 | 5 Comments

Keep your eyes peeled on Detroit Motor Show next month (opening January 17) as Indiana-based tuners Revenge Designs is set to drop the curtain on its 'all-American' supercar, the GTR-M.

Revenge, known best for tuning GM products, put this tasty project together fresh from the ground up.

The rear-wheel-drive mid-engined supercar will reportedly use a GM-sourced 485kW engine coupled with a six-speed sequential transmission. A tube-steel Factory Five Racing chassis will provide the basis for the underpinnings, and the 1050kg kerb weight, while a six-point roll cage and 20-inch wheels also appear on the standard features list.

The GTR-M is expected to perform the 0-100km/h dash in three seconds and the standing quarter mile in 11.6 seconds, both of which are deep into supercar territory. While it appears this car is all about performance, luxury items such as touch-screen satellite-navigation and a reversing camera will also be standard fare.

The low resolution image provided is somewhat lacking in detail so we'll have to wait until Detroit before we can get a closer look and pass judgment. On paper at least, the GTR-M has got some solid specs... we're liking what we see so far.

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