Retro-Inspired Roadster To Be Built Off Toyota iQ Platform? Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Oct, 24 2008 | 2 Comments

Could Toyota be working on a two-seater drop-top sports car based on its upcoming iQ minicar? The blokes at Auto Motor und Sport certainly think such a project is in the works, and have published a rendering of what they say is a brand-new retro-styled mini-roadster from the Big T.

Those familiar with classic Japanese iron will probably see a striking resemblance to Toyota's first ever sports car - the Sports 800 - in the short nose and round headlamps. It's a nice tip of the hat to Toyota's heritage, but it's a different story under the skin. AMS says that if given the green-light for production, the diminutive roadster will likely share the sub 1.4-litre engine lineup and FWD drivetrain of the iQ - fine for hairdressers and secretaries, but not particularly thrilling for hairdressers and secretaries who like to drive HARD.

If the rumours are true as AMS claims, then we could see the iQ-based retro roadster make its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2009. Until that happens, or at least until we start seeing camouflaged prototypes circling the 'Ring, file this one under "R" for rumour.

[Auto Motor und Sport]

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