Queensland's Covert Speed Cameras Not About Saving Lives: Police Union Photo:
Mike Stevens | Jun, 03 2010 | 0 Comments

While the Queensland Government claims that the presence of covert speed cameras is responsible for the state's dramatically lower road toll this year, the police union begs to differ - describing them as "poker machines on wheels".

Speaking with AAP this week, Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers said the deterrent effect for speeding motorists is non-existent. The evidence, based on the bald and tragic statistic of road deaths, would seem to support that view.

"There is not a shred of evidence that they have had any positive impact in reducing fatalities on our roads," Mr Leavers told the AAP.

"I fear that the Bligh Government is becoming addicted to the revenue of speed cameras."

The news follows the roll-out earlier this year of a fleet of unmarked mobile speed cameras, including four cars and two motorcycles.

Mr Leavers said that while there have been 54 fewer road fatalities in Queensland this year, the number of weekly deaths on the road had increased since the introduction of the covert cameras.

In the months leading up to April, there had been 3.7 road deaths per week - a number that grew to 5.1 in the weeks since the cameras had begun operating.

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