Queensland Fixed Speed Cameras Changing Driver Behaviour Photo:
Mike Stevens | Aug, 20 2010 | 5 Comments

Queensland's new fixed speed cameras have become a "powerful motivator" in changing driver behaviour for the better, according to the state's Police Minister, Neil Roberts.

Mr Roberts told Queensland's parliament this week that an analysis of the data from the state's southeast showed a 50 to 80 percent drop in speeding penalties issued to drivers in the region.

The new data is based on figures gathered when the cameras first went into operation late last year, with one camera in Labrador catching 553 speedsters in its first week of operation.

"These statistics clearly show that motorists are changing their driving behaviours and are slowing down, which is exactly what fixed cameras are designed to do," Mr Roberts said.

Mr Roberts said each of the region's nine fixed camera locations were chosen because of a history of speed-related crashes in recent years.

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