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Queensland Adds Four More Covert Camera Cars To Growing Fleet Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Nov, 01 2010 | 1 Comment

Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts has announced the addition of three new covert speed camera cars to its fleet, rolling out in southern, north-coast and south-east regions this week.

The new camera cars bring the count to seven, following the four cars (and two motorcycles) deployed earlier this year.

"There is clear evidence which shows that increasing the chance and uncertainty of detection is a powerful motivator in changing people's driving habits,'' Mr Roberts said.

"Motorists will need to ensure they are travelling at or below the signed speed limit because there's a chance an inconspicuous vehicle parked on the side of the road is fitted with a speed camera."

Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers has struck out at the move however, describing the deployment of new cameras as a "flash for cash."

"I have no issue with marked speed cameras because they can be seen and the public are aware of them, but a covert speed camera is nothing short of the government trying to raise revenue," Mr Leavers told AAP this week.

He added that more police on the road would have the double effect of reducing the road toll and making people feel safer.

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