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Steane Klose | Feb, 19 2009 | 2 Comments

Just days after we brought you news of the new Rolls-Royce Phantom, premium UK design house Project Khan has released its take on the luxury four-door.

Project Khan somehow manages to add even more prestige and exclusivity to a vehicle that was hardly lacking in either department. Perhaps even more surprisingly for an aftermarket-tuned prestige vehicle, it’s also remarkably tasteful.

A prestigious Pearl White hue now adorns the Phantom's elegant lines while diamond-polished 22-inch Khan Silver Mist alloy wheels fill the guards. Project Khan has chosen to retain the prominent Rolls-Royce emblem on the centre caps so, just in case you've recently fallen from Mars, there's no mistaking the car's pedigree.


Bespoke interior offerings to satisfy the most discerning ladies and gentlemen are also available, at, one might assume, horrendous cost. Khan's interior design offering can be specified to taste by its well-heeled clients (meaning that if you want it, and can pay for it, they will make it happen).

Given what the Phantom already has as standard equipment, we're not sure what more you could possibly cram into its plush cabin. (A gold-plated monocle polisher; individually-crafted gonad cushions...

The Rolls-Royce Phantom alone is going to set you back over half a million dollars and you know that the Project Khan’s iteration will cost more again. So, while we don't have official pricing, that old axiom rings true here, "If you have to ask..."

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