Pre-Production Camaro Rolls Down The Line Photo:
camaro-production-line_07.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_12.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_17.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_01.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_06.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_11.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_16.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_21.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_05.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_10.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_15.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_20.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_04.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_09.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_14.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_19.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_03.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_08.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_13.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_18.jpg Photo: tmr
camaro-production-line_02.jpg Photo: tmr

New Chevrolet Camaro Prices and Specifications


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Mike Stevens | Feb, 06 2009 | 0 Comments

General Motors’ chest-beating about the new Chevrolet Camaro continues. It has now released a set of images showing the pre-production cars transformed from a pile of parts into living, breathing modern classics.

Like any new family member the first steps are documented with a hod-load of photos. (When you’ve got such an intriguing-looking child, why wouldn’t you?)

The Camaro is to be built at GM’s Oshawa plant in Canada and represents the third production locale for the global Zeta architecture, after the Australian-built Commodore and Chinese-built Buick Park Lane.

These are no professionally posed studio shots, but genuine on-the line photographs documenting the transformation from bare body shell, through the paint shop, installation of interiors, 'body-meets-drivetrain' and final validation. A great look at how the magic happens and worth an eyeball in the gallery below.

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