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Steane Klose | May, 18 2007 | 1 Comment

As we have previously mentioned Porsche were believed to be developing a hybrid version of their Panamera 4-door Bahn-stormer due for release in 2009 as well as considering a hybrid Cayenne. It is now official that the green light has been given to both hybrid projects.

Porsche's VW connections (they like them so much they are buying up the company…) are paying dividends. Porsche will be relying on VW’s massive R&D capital to develop the hybrid system.

The VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne were largely developed by Porsche and share the same basic structure. Developing a hybrid system for both makes perfect sense. So should we expect a VW Touareg hybrid to be announced at some stage as well?

Porsche have also been involved with the majority of the development work on Audi’s upcoming Q7 hybrid which also shares the same platform as the Cayenne/ Touareg. Sources suggest that the result will be a full petrol-electric hybrid system that will be capable of driving the Q7 at over 40km/h without making use of the petrol engine. Perfect for running around the speed restricted back streets of Melbourne and silently running over small children…and no doubt very useful in peak-hour traffic.


VW’s close partnership with Porsche may also allow the small but highly profitable sports-car manufacturer to offer diesel versions of some of its vehicles. The VW Touareg is available with two diesel engine options a V6 and massive V10 so it should be no surprise that these and in future even more technologically advanced units may find their way into the Cayenne. A diesel 911...? We hope not.

Porsche is no doubt rather sensibly preparing for tougher environmental and CO2 emissions laws down the track. Being able to offer hybrid and diesel performance cars alongside the petrol models makes good sense.

The Cayenne and Panamera hybrids are expected to debut in 2009 and Porsche are not expecting them to be big sellers initially. Porsche may be in for a surprise…

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