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Steane Klose | Jun, 21 2007 | 0 Comments

It appears that the Americans are going to get an Aussie performance car bargain with the Pontiac G8 GT (our Commodore SS-V) expected to sell well under US$35k.

Originally reported by TheGMSource.com it has been verified by Autoblog who asked Pontiac direct. Pontiac confirmed and emphasised the ‘well under’. Considering that a 6-speed VE SS-V is listed at $52,490 (Aussie dollars) the Americans are getting the bargain of the century.

In rough figures if the Pontiac G8 GT retails at US$32,000 that’s the equivalent of AUD$37,000 or a price discount of $15,490… If you are in the market for a VE SS-V it might be time to put the crunch on your local Holden dealer and get some discount lovin!

As speculated by Autoblog this will leave room for a possible range topping Pontiac GXP version to retail in the US$40,000+ range and who better to supply that than HSV…

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