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Steane Klose | Jun, 05 2007 | 4 Comments

We have to admit that we really enjoy a good car industry rumour at CARupdate, especially when it involves Australia in some way. Overnight, the internet was a-buzz with the latest rumour concerning the Pontiac G6.

To get this in perspective GM in North America produce the Pontiac G6 which is the little brother to the Pontiac G8. Now we all know that the current Pontiac G8 is soon to replaced by a rebadged LHD version of our Holden VE Commodore SS-V. That’s old news.

The new news is that the next generation Pontiac G6 will be arriving a little earlier than expected in late 2010 and will be based on GM’s Alpha mid-size rear-wheel drive platform. The only car currently believed to have been based on that architecture was the Holden Torana concept (pictured) first seen in 2004.

While many of GM’s current FWD models will remain FWD it is rumoured that there will be a number of RWD Alpha based new models to appear after the G6, including the Cadillac BLS and a new RWD Saturn model to sell alongside the FWD Aura.

The big speculation is that we should be expecting a similar Holden model in Australia that will be mid-sized and based on the Alpha RWD platform. Could the next Pontiac G6 be a re-hash of the 2004 Torana? Could Australia see the Holden Torana badge on the streets once again?

Kinda makes sense when you consider that Holden is now considered the RWD platform development centre for GM worldwide, the Torana has already been shown as a concept and Holden would probably give their left you know what for a mid-size sedan in this time of high fuel prices and a trend to smaller cars.


Only a month or so ago Bob Lutz had announced that GM were considering putting on hold their rear-wheel-drive architecture development across the GM empire. Now RWD appears to be the flavour of the month and Australia’s Holden may just be the big winner. Of course it may all just be unsubstantiated rumour…

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