Pininfarina Alfa Romeo Spider Concept To Debut At Geneva Photo:
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_09 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_14 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_01 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_04 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_08 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_13 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_18 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_07 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_12 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_16 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_05 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_10 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_17 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_06 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_11 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_15 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_02 Photo: tmr
pininfarina_alfa_romeo_spider_concept_geneva_2010_03 Photo: tmr

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Mike Stevens | Mar, 02 2010 | 0 Comments

TO CELEBRATE ITS 80th birthday, Italian design house Pininfarina is set to reveal a new Alfa Romeo Spider concept at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Responsible for the design and assembly of previous generations of Alfa's uber-stylish Spider, it is perhaps fitting that Pininfarina's 80th birthday concept is an homage to the partnership.

Early last month Pininfarina released a single sketch of a svelte ultra-modern blue two-seater. Today, Pininfarina has released a new illustration (above), showing the rear end of the concept, more clearly defined than in the earlier sketch.

The concept is expected to be built on the same platform underpinning the current Brera-based spider.

Being a concept only, the new Spider concept will likely draw power from one of Fiat's existing engines, driving the front wheels.

While Pininfarina celebrates its 80th birthday in 2010, Alfa Romeo itself will celebrate its centenary later in the year.

The new Spider concept is scheduled to be revealed at Geneva this week.

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