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Mike Stevens | May, 11 2009 | 2 Comments

Alas, this modified Hyundai Tiburon isn’t a genuine pursuit car, but that’s probably for the best: while a good looking unit and a great seller for the Korean carmaker, the Tiburon isn’t the most powerful coupe on the road and probably not the best suited to high-speed chases.

In this particular example, the modifications are simply aesthetic. That’s okay though, as its intended purpose doesn’t really call for much in the way of additional power.

Owned by Blue Line Racing, a group of five Canadian police officers, the purpose of this Tiburon is to help educate young drivers on the dangers of street racing.


One of the officers involved in the sponsored and donation-funded Street Legal program preaches the group’s cause on the strength of first-hand experience, having written off his own ride in an illegal street race in 1991.

Despite their day jobs, the Blue Line Racing guys are enthusiasts through and through, being avid racers themselves – legally, of course.

The Tiburon isn’t Blue Line’s only ride, though, with a 1972 Plymouth Duster and a 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 forming the remainder of the team.

[via BlondyGirl and Edmonton Police]

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