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Mike Stevens | Jul, 08 2010 | 7 Comments

In a turn that will have Mark Skaife crying "I told you so," a new study by NRMA in NSW has found that many parents are more concerned with ensuring a 'positive experience' than teaching their children the rules of the road.

Surveying 413 supervising parents, the study found that 51 percent of respondents were more concerned with making their child's time behind the wheel a "positive experience," while a frighteningly-small 38 percent of respondents felt that a strong knowledge of the correct driving techniques was important.

On a more positive note (though not by much), 46 percent of parents surveyed agreed that having up-to-date knowledge of road rules is important.

As might be expected, the vast majority of respondents (93 percent) said they had supervised just one or two drivers in the past three years.

While 85 percent of respondents rated their driving ability as an eight, nine or 10 out of 10, only 52 percent were familiar with the RTA NSW learners' manual, and even fewer (37 percent) had recently refreshed their knowledge of the road rules.

The survey follows a special television piece prepared and hosted by former V8 Supercar champion Mark Skaife, in which he called for governments to cut parents out of the driver training process in order to stop young motorists taking on the bad habits of their parents.

"With the best intention in the world, too many parents pass on their own bad habits. We have to avoid that, which is why I believe we need to move to professional driver trainers in Australia," Skaife said.

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