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On Ya Bike: Melbourne To Implement Major Bicycle Plan Photo:
Steane Klose | Feb, 23 2009 | 1 Comment

We might be a site that writes predominantly about cars, and bikes of the motored variety, but that shouldn't stop us taking a look at news that concerns other road users.

The Melbourne government is due to release its 'bicycle strategy' next month (delayed due to the Victorian bushfires) which will likely see around $18 million dollars spent per year, for the next six years, improving bicycle lane infrastructure.

"In the past, bike plans have been muddled because they tried to be a recreational plan or a bike tourism plan, but we want this to be a transport plan for bikes", said Bicycle Victoria chief executive Harry Barber.

Initiatives will include taking another look at priority routes into the city centre and improving safety for bike riders in the city in general. The strategy will include the improvement of bicycle lanes on William Street and La Trobe Street.

Additionally, the plan will mandate the construction of bicycle lanes into future state road projects, with a focus on ensuring bicycle lanes become an integral part of all new road designs.

Finally, reducing the CBD speed limit to 40km/h to increase safety for bike riders and pedestrians is also being considered by VicRoads.

Full details of the plan will be revealed by the Melbourne government next month.

For the moment at least, it sounds very much like some solid commonsense is being used, let's hope that doesn't change.

[Source: The Age]

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