Off With Her Head! SLR Speedster Spotted 'Round the 'Ring Photo:

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Tony O'Kane | Jul, 19 2008 | 3 Comments

While AMG prepare Mercedes' next generation of supercar, the SLC, McLaren have been busying themselves with one last version of the SLR before they quietly part company with Mercedes-Benz. The topless SLR Speedster is to be the SLR's swansong, for once all 75 cars are built the baton will be passed onto the AMG-developed SLC and its immensely powerful supercharged engine.

The SLR Speedster is expected to weigh 200kg less than the SLR coupe - largely thanks to the ditching of the hard-top, gullwing doors and glass - while performance is expected include a 350kph top speed. That's mighty fast for a machine with no windshield.

McLaren SLR Speedster

We'll keep you posted with more definitive specs as they come up, but for now enjoy these pics of the Speedster and the SLC undergoing development trials at the Nurburgring.

AMG SLC mule

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