NSW: Speeding Motorists To Be Checked For Unregistered And Uninsured Vehicles Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Apr, 27 2010 | 0 Comments

NSW POLICE will soon begin cross-checking the number plates of speeding motorists against the RTA NSW database in a hunt for unregistered and 'third party' uninsured vehicles.

Beginning in August, cameras on New South Wales roads will be used to detect the roughly 65,000 unregistered and uninsured vehicles (without 'third party' liability cover) believed to be on the state's roads.

The types of cameras involved will include speed and red-light cameras, along with safety, tollway, and transit cameras (normally used for monitoring traffic flow).

Motorists caught driving an unregistered or uninsured vehicle face fines of more than $500.

"People who drive unregistered and uninsured vehicles are not paying their way and motorists who do the right thing are the ones who pay the price," Roads Minister David Campbell said.

"Not only are they cheating the system, but they're also posing a major safety risk, with bald tyres, faulty brakes and dangerous car modifications going undetected."

Mr Campbell said that the cameras' extended roles will be promoted in a new education campaign in the lead-up to August.

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