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NSW Opposition: Sydney Motorists Will Pay $85k In Tolls Before Train Line Arrives Photo:
Mike Stevens | Dec, 31 2010 | 1 Comment

NSW Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell says commuters in Sydney's northwest will pay tens of thousands in tolls before the current Labor Government's planned train line opens in 2024.

According to an Opposition report, motorists travelling from Sydney's northwest into the CBD each day on the M7, M2, Lane Cove Tunnel and Sydney Harbour Bridge will have paid an average of $85,000 by 2024.

"If Labor had fulfilled its promise to deliver the northwest rail link by 2010, local residents would be able to catch the train to work in the city each day," Mr O'Farrell said.

"Instead, they are forced to endure hours in gridlocked traffic, paying escalating tolls."

Speaking with the ABC this week, O'Farrell said that if he is elected as NSW Premier, he will work to complete Sydney's northwest and southwest rail links.

Describing himself as the "infrastructure minister," O'Farrell said that he will also begin construction of either the M4 East or the M5 duplication in his first term.

"If we don't make a start to projects like the northwest rail link, I don't intend to contest the election after," Mr O'Farrell said.

"I am determined to deliver the infrastructure, to get on with starting those projects that this city and this state needs.

Acting Roads Minister Michael Daly expressed doubt at O'Farrell's ability to achieve any of his infrastructure goals however, telling the ABC that without cooperation from banks, the projects will not get the funding they need.

"I was the minister for roads for a year. I called in the constructors to see if we could get the M5 east built, but we could only get $1 billion in funding. That's still $3.2 billion short," Mr Daly said.

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