Motorists On Car Park Collision Course At Christmas Photo:
Mike Stevens | Dec, 08 2010 | 4 Comments

To the surprise of no-one, new claims data released by NRMA Insurance this week shows that the frequency of car park collisions increases by nearly 20 percent in December.

In December last year, insurance claims showed that car park collisions accounted for one-in-seven of all collisions, with Thursday and Friday late-night shopping the most common times.

“We recommend drivers obey the parking rules, take it easy when circling the car park for a space and be alert for other drivers," NRMA Insurance spokesperson Emily Gatt said.

“Typical parking collisions involved reversing into other cars, runaway shopping trolleys and scrapes with pylons and poles."

Shopping trolleys too have proven to be an unexpected danger for many, with around 250 claims registered each year for vehicles colliding with trolleys.

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