NSW Mobile Speed Cameras Launched, Victoria's Operation Ardent Cleans Up Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Jul, 19 2010 | 6 Comments

New South Wales' new and much-reported mobile cameras are in action from today, targeting the state's crash blackspots. The new digital cameras can snap up to six cars a second.

Each of the six new cameras will be marked and signposted, with a list of locations available on the RTA NSW website. The NSW Government has also begun a $.12 million dollar television advertising campaign warning motorists of the new cameras.

"This is not about raising revenue, it is about saving the lives of people who use NSW roads," Roads Minister David Borger said in a recent statement. "The fact is mobile speed cameras work - they slow down drivers, they change driver behaviour and they save lives."

Offending motorists will receive warnings in the mail in place of penalties for the first month of operation.

The return of mobile speed cameras to NSW roads comes at a cost of $170 million and will include repairs and upgrades to blackspot areas around the state.


Vic Police Operation Ardent: Two Cars Impounded, 46 Speedsters Detected.

Victoria Police's Operation Ardent has cleaned up over the weekend, with two vehicles impounded, 11 motorists caught for drink-driving and a further 46 caught speeding.

One motorcyclist was caught exceeding the 100km/h limit on the Monash Freeway by 60km/h, leading to a $597 fine, 8 demerit points, a 12 month suspension and $490 in impounding fees.

Another motorist was nabbed doing 141km/h in an 80km/h zone.

Some 143 penalty notices were issued overall, including fins for mobile phone use, unlicensed drivers and unregistered cars. Police also issued 28 defective vehicle notices.

Running over the weekend, the operation saw 2812 breath tests conducted and included the use of booze buses, marked and unmarked cars and mobile speed cameras.

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