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No Hybrids For Aston Martin, Lagonda A Different Story Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Jan, 06 2010 | 1 Comment

WHILE THE LIKES of Ferrari, Porsche and BMW investigate hybrid technology for their sportier models, Aston Martin has ruled out any such models for its own line-up.

Speaking with German paper Auto Telegraaf, Aston CEO Dr Ulrich Bez said hybrid technology is not yet sufficient for its customers' expectations. Lagonda, however, may be the right brand for a hybrid model.

Despite the poor response to the SUV-like concept revealed at last year's Geneva Motor Show, Aston Martin remains committed to reviving the Lagonda badge in the coming years.

The SUV first unveiled at Geneva Motor Show is a concept only and we’re still conducting styling reviews and feasibility studies," Marcel Fabris, Aston Martin’s Sales Manager for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa told TMR.

“If the project does proceed, 2012 would be the earliest possible release for the vehicle and re-launch of the brand.”

In his interview with Auto Telegraaf, Mr Bez hinted that a hybrid model could appear in the Lagonda line-up, saying that such an option has not been ruled out.

With SUVs expected to feature heavily in the Lagonda range, hybrid technology could help to improve efficiency - an approach adopted by the likes of Lexus and Land Rover.

In the meantime, Aston Martin plans to launch its Toyota iQ-based Cygnet supermini to help meet new European laws requiring the carmakers to lower their overall emissions averages.

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