Nissan’s Heroes – The GT-R And The 370Z – Side By Side Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Jan, 06 2009 | 11 Comments

Here’s a quickie for you, folks.

A GT-R owner over at mygtr.com by the name of MC, went and took a Nissan 370Z for a test drive, and figured he’d take a few shots of it alongside his own GT-R while he was at it.

Opinions in the TMR office are polarised by the styling of these two cars: some of us love the 370Z, others are not such fans of it; and the same again with the GT-R. Seeing them side-by-side certainly puts things in perspective.

Click through for a few more images, and a few of MC’s thoughts on the 370Z.


The SynchroRev Match system is cool, but it’s kind of weird. It activates as soon as the shifter touches the gate - it doesn’t even need to be in gear to blip the throttle. From 5th down to 4th is is a smaller blip than from 5th to 3rd obviously, but I thought it would be more like the GT-R, where it blips only when it thinks you need it. When driving the Z today it did it every time, very aggressively.


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