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Steane Klose | Nov, 24 2007 | 17 Comments

While the GT-R soaks up the limelight (and rightfully so) a little rumour has come to light that will add to the smile already on the dial of Nissan performance car fans. It is being reported that both Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s CEO and Toshiyuki Shiga Nissan’s COO have confirmed the return of the Silvia in 2010.


With a cult following by lovers of RWD and fans of drifting the previous Silvia or S15 200SX as we knew it in Australia was a RWD, two door coupe, performance car bargain. The last of the breed landed in Australia in 2002 and ever since the Nissan RWD performance flag has been flown in isolation by the 350Z.

If the rumours are true, 2010 will see a new Nissan Silvia and while details are thin on the ground we know what to expect from Nissan. They have done right by car enthusiasts with the 2008 GT-R and a new Silvia is an exciting prospect – lets hope it makes its way down to Australia.

[Source: Rocket Punch]

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