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Brad Leach | Feb, 23 2017 | 0 Comments

Nissan's Pulsar sedan continues to be a vital part of the company’s range in Australia despite speculation casting doubts over its future.

Speaking with TMR, Nissan’s communication chief Peter Fadayev cautioned against reading too much into Pulsar’s removal from the company’s website.

There is a delay at Nissan's Thailand plant as it gears-up to produce Pulsar sedans for Australia with engines complying with the latest mandated Euro5 emissions standards.

So with no stock, consumer law dictates Nissan cannot promote the Pulsar.

However Mr Fadayev confirmed dealers throughout Australia are currently holding new Pulsar sedans in stock and the company anticipates this will carry through until the Pulsars with the latest engines arrive – within the next couple of months.

There may be a slight chance a customer keen on a specific colour or trim combination from one dealership may have to wait, unless a stock swap can be arranged within the dealer network.

Nissan dealers told TMR they will be continuing to promote Pulsars in their own advertising.

In a segment dominated by Toyota Corolla, Mazda3 and Hyundai i30, Pulsar sales have been less than stellar but Mr Fadeyev said Nissan has no plans to permanently delete its small car.

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