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New Nissan 370Z Prices and Specifications

Tony O'Kane | Oct, 30 2008 | 8 Comments

It has been a long time coming folks, but it's here at last. Nissan has finally released the first official images of the all-new 370Z coupe, giving us a preliminary glance at the iconic RWD sportscar ahead of its global debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show next month.

So now that it's here, what do we make of it? Well firstly, those fender flares are simply mammoth. Definitely a good thing in my books (and I'm sure most of you sports car junkies out there will agree). What's likely to be more divisive, however, are those arrowhead-shaped head and tail light clusters. Inspired by the headlights of the US-market Maxima, they seem a little awkward on what is an otherwise svelte bodyshape. The two vertical strakes in the front airdam also look a little out of place, but not nearly as weird as they did in those renderings from earlier this year.

The interior is a vast improvement on the current 350Z's hard plastic cockpit, and there's more than a whiff of prestige about the cabin's appearance. Nissan's signature sat-nav system has been fully integrated into the Z's dashboard and it provides a nice centrepiece to the rest of the interior, while the trademark trio of gauges on the top of the dash carry over from the current model.


It's well-sorted proportionally, and with the grunty and smooth 245kW 3.7-litre V6 and sophisticated suspension set-up from the V36 Skyline hiding beneath that sheetmetal, it's bound to be a fantastic performer. Yes, the looks may take some getting used to, but you may as well start learning to love it. The 370Z is here at last, and it ain't going away.


Stay tuned for more news on the 370Z. We'll have more information, pics and perhaps even some video in the lead-up to the Z's launch at LA. Until then, keep that dial firmly locked on to TMR.

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