Nissan 200SX Plans Canned, US-Market Sentra Variant Possible: Report Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Sep, 23 2010 | 0 Comments

Reports of a Nissan response to the upcoming FT-86 sports cars from Toyota and Subaru have given fans hope in recent years, with a new version of the the tuner-favourite 200SX believed to be in the works.

New reports out of the US this week however suggest that Nissan has canned plans for a new rear-driven entry-level sports car, driven by an internal report out of the accounts department that points to no more than 30,000 possible sales in the US each year for a 200SX successor.

Speaking with American website Wards Auto, Nissan North America's Larry Dominique said that new Nissan models need to be "high-volume and high-share products," adding that the company needs to focus on high-selling models rather than trying to fill every niche.

“I’m not looking to fill every niche, every opportunity. If I let my product planners go, they could come up with 15 other cars we should have,” Dominique said.

Dominique added that rather than introducing an all-new nameplate (which a new 200SX would almost be by the time it appears on the market), he would be more inclined to introduce a sports variant of the US-market Sentra - a far cry from the entry-level rear-drive sports car that Nissan's fans have likely been hoping for.

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