New Lightweight Supercar coming from Gordon Murray Photo:
Steane Klose | Aug, 12 2008 | 4 Comments

If you've heard of the McLaren F1 or the Caparo T1, and who hasn't, then you'll have seen Gordon Murray's handiwork before. With these credentials, it's not hard to understand why the automotive blogosphere is buzzing with news that Gordon Murray has plans to produce a lightweight 'supercar for the street'.

Murray has explained that he wants the car to be lightweight, compact, powered by a high-output, small-capacity engine, and to achieve strong performance while minimising CO2 emissions - not a bad wish-list.

However, it will be joining the queue at Murray's 'dream factory'. At present, the design team is working on a city car project called the T.25 which is planned to utilise an all-new production process to minimise costs and parts requirements. The T.25 is expected to be production ready within 12 months.

The proposed supercar would share the same production process as the T.25, in an effort to keep costs down and production simple. That may mean removable panels made from lightweight, recylcable materials.

While it's not yet known where Murray's engineers will be putting the engine, we've already heard what we needed to know: lightweight and high-output. Where do we sign up? (Oh yes, and the small matter of cost...?)

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