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Steane Klose | Jul, 10 2007 | 1 Comment

The relentless march of technology is now set to make the encounter with that sleazy salesman in a cheap suit a thing of the past. Mazda have just unveiled a new program that will allow their customers to discuss on-line in realtime the purchase of their next car.

No longer do you have to look at the salesman’s dandruff or wonder if he had sauce with the pie now staining his tie. There is now no need to fear the one-on-one confrontation as you discuss price or feel pressured into talking to the lovely looking lady in a mini skirt, whose sole mission in life is to sell you overpriced paint protection and window tinting.

The new service allows customers to negotiate the price and when agreed, to set up a time to meet at the dealership, sign the paperwork and take delivery. All sounds very sensible to us and will no doubt be an attractive option for all those people who dislike dealing with a salesman…which is probably most of us.

It is not known how aggressive Mazda’s online deals will be but it is certainly a smart move. At this stage it is not known if this development will be available outside of the US Mazda dealer network but we would expect that it will be introduced to Australia if successful in the States.

Surely, its an inevitability…the only issue in the future would be road testing the car prior to make sure it suited your needs and expectations. It could even be argued that this isn't required anymore, not with the enormous amount of information available from people who have already driven your preferred new car...and posted their opinion on the internet.

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