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Tony O'Kane | Jan, 13 2009 | 5 Comments

Honda's own factory-backed tuning company Mugen has downed a six-pack of energy drink, injected itself with equine growth hormone and delivered three diamond-hard and tungsten-tough concepts to TAS09. While Honda's own contingent to this year's Tokyo Auto Salon may have come off as a bit... limp wristed, the same most definitely can't be said of Mugen's trio.

Mugen took a last-gen NA2 NSX-R, an FD2 Civic Type R and a box-fresh Honda Accord Euro and worked its magic wrenches over each to create three of the most hard-core concepts to ever wear a Honda badge. Superchargers, drivetrain swaps and enough carbonfibre to build an airliner were all used in the preparation of Mugen's show cars, so hit the jump to check out what's been changed.

Honda NSX Mugen RR Concept

Mugen Honda Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

Is this the most bad-ass looking NSX you've ever seen, or what? Mugen's drawn a lot of inspiration for this one from Japan's Super GT race series, where the out-of-production NSX still dukes it out in top-tier racing. Big vents, big wings, big fenders and big wheels all signify that this is the ultimate interpretation of the venerable NSX, and one that's presumably race-ready straight outta the box.

Mugen Honda Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

We say "presumably" because we're not exactly sure what mechanical wizardry Mugen have performed under all that super-wide bodywork. Mugen says it still rocks the NSX's C32B 3.2-litre V6, however we can plainly see that it's been twisted from its regular transverse position into a Super GT-style longitudinal layout. Engine mods are a mystery and so is this monster's power output, but those massive 335mm-wide rear tyres indicate that this motor is anything but standard.

We'd forgive Honda for canning the NSX's successor if only it'd build this thing instead. Sadly, it ain't gunna happen.

Honda Civic Mugen RR Advanced Concept

Mugen Honda Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

Mugen's take on the Japanese-spec FD2 Civic Type R, the Civic Mugen RR, has been around for some time now, but for TAS09 Mugen thought they'd up the ante by showing off a lighter, more powerful version instead.

The Civic Mugen RR Advanced Concept sheds some serious pounds thanks to carbonfibre panelling on the doors, bootlid, front and rear bumper, sideskirts, front guards, and bonnet, while a lexan rear window, titanium exhaust and titanium springs also help drop weight. End result: a super-slim kerb weight of just 1095kg.

Mugen Honda Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

Mugen have also tweaked the Type R's K20A inline four too, boring and stroking it to take displacement out 200cc to 2.2 litres. Mugen have managed to eke a very respectable 191kW from the Civic's four-banger, while torque is boosted to 237Nm.

Alas, it is but a concept for now and unlike the Civic Mugen RR upon which it's based, the RR Advanced Concept is unlikely to ever be transformed into a low-volume production car. Pity.

Honda Accord Mugen 24sc Concept

Mugen Honda Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

Yep, don't expect to see this one on your Honda dealer's forecourt either. Using the new-shape Accord Euro as a base (known simply as the "Accord" in it's Japanese homeland), Mugen have slapped on a supercharger, a sporty bodykit and one mammoth rear wing to create the Accord Mugen 24sc Concept.

Mugen Honda Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

We don't know how much boost is being fed into the Accord's 2.4-litre K24 inline four, but we do know this: a supercharged front-driver with a manual transmission sounds like a bit of a handful - and a lot of fun. Honda's answer to the TRD Aurion? Pretty close to the truth, to be honest.

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