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Alex Rae | Jan, 08 2018 | 0 Comments

Toyota Australia says that despite its parent company’s global plan to introduce an electrified variant into every model in its line-up by 2025, Australia will march to the beat of a different drum.

The global strategy outlines an electrified future for Toyota with specific hybrid and electric vehicle sales targets, as well as minimum electrified model variant requirements, but it appears Australia’s unique makeup will deviate from that plan.

Toyota Australia vice president, Matthew Callachor, told TMR that the local arm has no plans to introduce any new variants of its top-selling HiLux and popular LandCruiser and LandCruiser Prado models in Oz. 

“At this point in time and for the next foreseeable future the current powertrains (in the HiLux and LandCruisers) are the ones best suited to those vehicles, particularly in the applications they are working in,” he said.

“What we actually have in Australia doesn’t necessarily mean every vehicle will be electrified at that particular point in time because there are unique Australian requirements as well in terms of regulations, and also demand.

“We have vast distances to travel compared to places such as Europe and we also have industries which require those vehicles to perform as tools of trade as well.”

But there will be other new electrified variants coming to Australia and among those cars is the possibility of an electrified version of the upcoming Toyota two-door ‘Supra’ sports coupe as well as the current 86.

“I wouldn’t really like to speculate on it at the moment but there’s nothing out of the question in terms of hybrid powertrains for any of these (Supra and 86).

“What we are saying is those high-end sports cars, just like Le Mans cars, those are all hybrid type vehicles and heading towards electrification. So, certainly in that sports car area, there’s still a big trend towards those vehicles as well.”

While Toyota builds its hybrid offerings here it may also begin to introduce new plug-in models, the first of which is likely to be the Prius Prime PHEV, currently available in North America, but Callachor held back from divulging any details.

“There could be some plug-ins, but I can’t really go into that at this moment” he said.

“Currently we’ve got five hybrids and out to 2020 we’ll increase that to eight.”

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