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Alexandra Lawrence | Aug, 22 2018 | 0 Comments

Chuck Norris has brought criminals to justice, battled Bruce Lee and defended his homeland from invasion. Now, his mission is to sell you a Toyota.

Well, as long as you live in the US, where you'll find a new series of ads featuring the action hero in his latest role.

Toyota recruited Chuck Norris to showcase the Toyota Tacoma - America's version of our Hilux.

The actor and martial artist features in one of four new Toyota ads, "Tough as Chuck".  After Norris signs the front guard of a mans Tacoma on the street, the ute takes on Norris's action-packed roles in various movie scenes - surfing waves, winning chess and busting moves on the dance-floor.

Featuring some the most popular vehicles in its range, Toyota aims to show-off its vehicles' performance, capability and style.

The campaign is looking to karate-chop competitors in the new car scene and could deliver a roundhouse kick to America's best-selling car, the Ford F-150.


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