01 Nov 2018

Ranger to receive Ford Performance parts

Aussies likely to benefit from US production
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Australian Ford Ranger customers are set to benefit from Ford’s decision to offer the locally-developed pick-up in the US, as the car will attract dozens of new parts and accessories to quench a thirst for customisation.

Ford Performance will develop its own range of post-purchase accessories for the Ranger, which will also benefit from extensive work by top US suppliers.

While the diesel-powered Ranger Raptor isn’t available in the US, Ford showed off several extensively modified versions of the pick-up with similar themes to the Aussie performance hero.

Many of those parts will make their way to Australia, further ratcheting up the model’s cool-factor among young millennials.

Hermann Salenbauch, global head of Ford Performance, told Australian reporters that accessorising “really is a thing people love.

“We want to take part in it,” he said.

Factory-supported accessories for the Ranger are likely to include rugged camping-style folding covers, reworked bodywork and drastically modified suspension.

Salenbauch is sure some of that will come to Australia.

“You should absolutely expect it,” he says.

“We want to do that globally. This is not like when we do it here. We want to do it everywhere.”

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