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2019 Porsche Cayenne. Photo: Supplied

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Dom Tripolone | Feb, 21 2018 | 0 Comments

Porsche has ended production of diesel models for its small Macan SUV.

The manufacturer reacted to shifting buyer tastes and increasingly strict emissions standards by ending production of the diesel Macan compact SUV. The new Panamera sedan and soon-to-be-launched Cayenne large SUV are not currently offered with diesel power, which may make a return for full-sized models in the future.

A spokesman for the brand in Germany, Holger Eckhardt, has confirmed Porsche will not offer diesel engines in the short term.

"I can confirm the end of production for the Macan S Diesel on February 15," Eckhardt said.

"I also can confirm that we currently do not offer a diesel version of the Cayenne or Panamera. But this does not mean, that Porsche has decided to stop all diesel models."

Increasingly strict emissions regulations could hamper the continuation of diesel models in its home market, with the cost of re-engineering diesel units potentially too high to justify its future.

An official statement from the company stated that Porsche is working with authorities to provide another software update to comply with new emissions standards.

"Currently, the demand for diesel models is falling, whereas interest in hybrid and petrol models is increasing significantly. In light of these facts as well as the ongoing consultation with the authorities in relation to another software update, Porsche has made changes to its production planning and has set the End-of-Production date for the Macan S Diesel to 15 February 2018," read the statement.

Porsche has not confirmed plans to offer the next-gen Cayenne with a diesel motor in Australia as the carmaker does not comment on future product speculation.

The German carmaker's overall strategy is steering towards electrification, with Porsche planning increased numbers of hybrid variants across multiple model ranges.

Even the vaunted 911 isn't safe from hybridisation with Porsche's chief executive, Olivier Blume, saying that while there are no immediate plans to electrify the 911, the potential for that is being built into the concept for when buyers demand it.

“With the 911, for the next 10 to 15 years, we will still have a combustion engine. We have combustion engines, then plug-ins as intermediaries, then full EV later on. The future concept of 911 will have plug-in built in, but it’s not decided yet if we offer it: 911 is a core business and we need it to be a pure sports car. When customers want it to be electric, we can be ready,” Blume said.

Porsche is also working on its first fully-electric car, the Mission E, due to arrive in showrooms in 2019, before it spawns a whole range of electric cars.

- with Greg Kable

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