2018 Lexus LC
Lexus LC Coupe. Photo: Supplied
Alex Rae | May, 30 2018 | 0 Comments

Lexus has made its newest coupe bluer than blue.

Available on both the V8-powered LC500 and V6-hybrid LC500h, the Morphic Blue Limited Edition is finished in a specially-developed paint with extra equipment and bespoke interior trim.

The paint, which replicates the colour of the wings of the Morpho Blue butterfly, was developed by Lexus over a 15-year process and is more blue than any finish before it.

Made up of 300 million nano-structure pigment flakes and applied in seven different layers, the paint creates its own iridescence and reflects almost 100 per cent blue light – about double that of normal metallic car paint.

The iridescence glows at different angles to creates a unique effect but alas, “it is only when it is seen 'in the flesh' that the amazing effect becomes clear,” says Lexus.

The slow application procedure restricts the Motomachi factory in Japan to produce just two Morphic Blue LC models a day.

The cabin is finished in a Chrysalis Blue colour scheme made up of orange, blue and white trim elements finished in either semi-aniline leather or Alcantara. Carbon-fibre scuff plates have also been added that are normally part of the additional carbon pack.

Lexus Australia director Scott Thompson added that the exclusive Morphic Blue edition will be limited in stock.

"Offered in extremely limited numbers, this will be the car of choice for those who recognise and value the interaction of science and the highest standards of Lexus Takumi craftsmanship,” he said.

The LC500 and LC500h Morphic Blue Limited Editions are priced from $192,500 plus on-road costs, seeing a premium of $2500 over the base models.


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