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The Australian automotive market looks set to finish on another record year after strong sales in November. Local large car enthusiasts are still clambering to get their hands on the last locally-produced Holden Commodore, with more than 1800 leaving dealerships last month, but it was not enough to move the brand into the top three selling spots.

Individual vehicle sales were led by the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger once again, moving 4103 and 3576 units respectively, and October’s sales leader the Hyundai i30 fell down to sixth place with 2227 November sales according to the latest data from the Federal Chambers of Automotive Industries.

Coming in third spot behind the large utes was the Toyota Corolla (2959) which beat its rival the Mazda3 (2464) in fourth position.

Sales of both small cars helped Australia’s most popular new car segment grow 10 per cent compared to the same month last year and while small cars are still Australia's most popular vehicle, medium SUVs and utes are hot on its heels.

Driving that growth in the popular mid-size SUV segment are the class leading Mazda CX-5 (2358), which was the fifth best selling vehicle in November with the Hyundai Tucson (2121) in seventh and Toyota RAV4 (1950) in eighth spot.

The aging Mitsubishi ASX continues its strong year with 1948 sales in November, which was good enough to place it in ninth position overall and helped drive a 31.1 per cent increase across the city SUV segment compared to November last year. The ASX strong sales also helped cement it as Australia's favourite little SUV, extending its lead over the Mazda CX-3.

Finishing 10th overall was the Hyundai Accent (1914) which competes in the dwindling city car segment that has seen a sales decline of 10.5 per cent compared to last year through 11 months.

Kia, Subaru and Honda continue to deliver strong results over the whole year, with all three brands growing sales exponentially. South Korean manufacturer Kia has delivered a growth of 28.9 per cent compared to the first 11 month of last year, which equates to more than 11,000 extra sales. Subaru and Honda have expanded sales by 12.2 and 14 per cent respectively in the same period.

Japanese giant Toyota has also managed to squeeze out even more sales, growing registrations by five per cent compared to 2016.

Overall new car sales are up 0.6 per cent compared to 2016, and with one more month to go, Australia again looks set for a record year.

Best selling vehicles November 2017

Toyota HiLux – 4103

Ford Ranger – 3576

Toyota Corolla – 2959 

Mazda3 – 2464

Mazda CX-5 – 2358

Hyundai i30 – 2227

Hyundai Tucson – 2121

Toyota RAV4 – 1950

Mitsubishi ASX – 1948

Hyundai Accent – 1914

Best Selling Brands November 2017

Toyota – 18,804

Mazda – 9330

Hyundai – 8781

Holden – 7955

Mitsubishi – 6678

Ford – 6275

Volkswagen – 5364

Nissan – 5077

Honda – 4431

Kia – 4305

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