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Trevor Collett | Sep, 28 2017 | 0 Comments

Mitsubishi has helped to deliver eight new fast-charging stations in Adelaide’s CBD for electric vehicles - a first for the state.

In a joint operation with South Australia’s state government and the City Of Adelaide council, the eight chargers by Australia's Veefil were officially unveiled this week.

Located at the city’s Central Markets, the eight chargers are the first of 19 fast charging stations for the area, with the other 11 to follow by the end of next month.

Mitsubishi Australia backed the electric car concept in its home city of Adelaide right from the start, with a charging station installed at its own Tonsley Park HQ more than seven years ago (and still in operation today).

Company CEO John Signoriello said it was important for Mitsubishi to continue with such commitments.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

“Mitsubishi has provided a fast charger at no-cost to the State as part of our commitment to supporting a public charging network for all electric vehicle users,” Mitsubishi Motors Australia CEO, John Signoriello, said.

“We believe electric vehicle technology should be made available to the wider community, not just for luxury car owners.”

The chargers use DC power to provide a charge of around 80 percent of a battery’s capacity in 30 minutes - around five times faster than a typical home charging system.

The new units are ideal to charge Mitsubishi’s own Outlander PHEV and iMiEV models.

Owners of EVs with badges besides Mitsubishi will also benefit, as the charger is suitable for a wide variety of cars.

Once the first 19 chargers are in operation, Adelaide residents can expect to see around 25 additional fast chargers in the CBD.

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