Mini customisation service Photo: Supplied
Mini customisation service Photo: Supplied

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Dom Tripolone | Dec, 29 2017 | 0 Comments

Mini has announced plans to introduce customised 3D-printed parts and custom laser etched plates via an online website for buyers.

Bolstering the British luxury car maker’s stamp on offering the latest on-trend fashion fads for cars, its new personalisation will also help its efforts to target the youth market.

Customers can now select, design and order their very own personalised side scuttles, trims, illuminated door sills and LED door projectors. The parts can be made in a wide range of colours and even utilise the owner's own handwriting.

The parts are made specifically to order using 3D printing and laser lettering technology, which also allow for a quick production process and to help keep costs lower.

Of course, just what a buyer selects to add and what Mini allows may have some impact on future resale value. 

Mini will initially offer the options throughout Europe with other major markets also taking on the service sometime next year.

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