24 Oct 2018

Million-dollar GTHO Phase IV falls short of expectations

Rare Phase IV sells at auction for $2 million
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A rare Ford Falcon said to be the most valuable Australian-built car in history has fallen short of pre-auction estimates.

One of three surviving prototypes built by Ford in 1972, a “Phase IV” GTHO Falcon sold by Lloyds auctions on Saturday was expected to reach up to $3 million.

Legendary race driver Allan Moffat dropped the hammer on Saturday night after a final bid of $2 million.

In the week leading up to the sale, auctioneers and muscle car experts anticipated the prototype race car would sell for $3 million.

Instead, the Falcon only hit the $2 million mark, coming in just under Peter Brock’s Bathurst-winning Commodore which sold for $2.1 million at auction weeks ago, and currently holds the record for the highest amount paid for an Australian car at auction.

Emblazoned on the windscreen was a copy of the newspaper article that put an end to its production, after being deemed too dangerous as a road registered vehicle.

Previously belonging to Sydney car collector, Paul Carthew, the Phase IV GTHO is one of just three left in the world.

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